Why Regression Therapy – a movie about Past Life Therapy method

Why Regression Therapy is a movie produced by EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy), that I’m also a member since 2008. The purpose of this documentary is to popularize the Past Life Therapy method that is a holistic regression therapy helping us to access and heal the moments of the past when the traumas that led to our present problems took place. Solving the initial cause it will lead to balancing the negative effect from the present. If you want to find more about this approach you can read some articles here.

You will be able to see and hear sone of the Regression Therapy’s founders, like Morris Netherton, Roger Woolger, Hans TenDam or more recent contributors like Trisha Caetano and Marion Boon.

Enjoy the movie!

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Soul Attachments and Past Life Therapy

In a previous article I presented a few introductory concepts about Past Life Therapy. It’s now time to go deeper into this subjects with a very delicate matter – the one of soul attachments.

We’ll start with the case of an unexpected death that occurs instantaneously, leaving no time for a complete processing and for closing karmic lessons.
In case of a completely processed death, the primary fragment will return to the parent soul (the same way as a bee returns to the hive so as to clear its pollen sachets), it will reconnect and become reunited with it and other dear beings. Then, it will see its last incarnation, the lessons chosen and how much it has learned from each of them, where it has made more progress than anticipated and where there is still room for learning. Then, it will start to prepare itself for the next life, under the wise guidance of the angels and of the enlightened masters from the superior plans.
When death occurs suddenly, the Ego is taken by surprise and breaks up into fragments. Depending on the intensity of the shock, a bigger or a smaller number of soul parts will split and experience the illusion of being disconnected. They can wander in low astral levels, looking for the parent soul and, since they are not endowed with a high level of intelligence and consciousness, they can by attraction attach themselves to other souls with which they have some affinity (that is similar emotional problems). Under the burden of denial, they find it difficult to go directly towards the Light, where they are expected by their spiritual families and, instead, pursuing the illusion of their completion, they are attracted by the light outside them, which though being less, it is easily accessible to them.
These parts which remain blocked in their way home have received names such as phantoms, ghosts, the undead, fleshless entities, poltergeist phenomena and the process of joining the energetic field of other beings can be in the form of a complete or partial possession, depending on the force and size of the respective fragment.

I would like to make a clear distinction at this point – not all apparitions and ghost like phenomena are soul fragments that are freely circulating in the etheric levels. Some of them are thought-forms, meaning an energy quantum emanated by the soul. If a thought has a higher intensity and is also accompanied by a strong emotion, it can become materialized in the form of a geometric pattern (an electromagnetic wave pattern) and can be attracted in the aura of a soul with a similar mental pattern. You may probably have seen photos where different light spheres appear and if we magnify them, we can see different patterns inside of them and geometrical models (see the photo, Șinca Veche, Brașov county, March the 8th, 2005). Except for the natural optical illusions produced by camera lenses or by light reflection or diffraction phenomena, a part of these spheres are nothing but thought-forms captured in the photo.
Usually, we need more than just think of a person so that a part of ourselves would be taken apart and become integrated in the other person. A strong emotional involvement is necessary, either in the form of dependence or attachment and the most common way in which fragments of our own soul end up in the other one is by sexual contact.

In Past Life Therapy, we talk about Attachments (attached souls), and these souls don’t necessarily have a negative intention. An illustrative example given by my PLT trainer Marianne Carolus (Course Notes, Past Life Therapy Teacher Training, 2013) is that of an old woman who dies in a car accident while crossing the street, but she is not aware of it, since everything happens very quickly. At the same spot, somewhat later, a little boy is crossing the street, heading for his friends who are on the other side of the road. As she is very fond of children, a part of the old woman’s soul attaches to the boy, trying to protect him from similar accidents. No longer having her own body, this old lady’s soul fragment stays with the boy. As a grown-up, the man can’t account for his strong anxiety experienced when facing the possibility of making friends. Despite her good intentions, the old woman’s soul fragment created obstacles in the social life of this man, even without realizing it. During a regression session, we can explain to the attached soul fragment that its body had actually died in a car accident, but its soul continued to exist within a parallel plan of existence. Thus, we help it process its trauma and it is only afterwards that it will be able to accept the situation and release it; then, we can guide it towards the light, where it will be taken over by elevated entities that will help it find its parent soul.

This example leads us to another case which is commonly met in therapy, namely Inner Child Work. It is quite often in classical therapy that, when the patient is talking about the past and the difficulties he went through, a spontaneous regression can occur, taking the patient back to a younger age. In an instant, as therapists, we realize that in front of us there is a wounded, vulnerable child, who arouses our compassion and tendency to offer him protection as counter-transference emotions. It all happens exactly this way; as I said before, a part of ourselves remains blocked in the past, at the moment of the trauma, and it is brought back to the present to be healed during therapy. If that child has the chance to receive now what it was not offered to him in the past, namely love, warmth, care, protection, then he can be healed. Nevertheless, maturation needs time, and the adult will need to visit his ‘younger brother’ from time to time and continue to offer him protection and attention.

Things happen the same way in previous lives as well. The following example is that of a child that used to hide in a wardrobe during the attack of some soldiers. He used to remain blocked there waiting for the end of the fight. What he does not know is that in a previous moment, as he was running along with his grandmother, he was hit by a horse and killed, a part of soul running to his hiding-place as usual, thinking he would be protected there. Since the events took place too quickly at that moment and the child was too young, a gradual (‘slow motion’) exploration is needed during the regression session and it is only afterwards that the understanding, the acceptance of the situation and trauma release can all happen. The child will ultimately go to the light where he is being waited for by his grandmother.

In PLT, when we speak about soul fragments which harm the current personality, we make reference to three categories: Attachments, Obsessors and Pseudo-obsessors. (TenDam, 1996)

An Attachment is a foreign energy manifested in the form of a soul fragment, elemental or thought-form which lives on and feeds on the aura field of a person like a parasite. It can become attached to a person’s energy field by means of a curse, a magic formula or simply by being attracted to it through affinity (similar emotions and thoughts).

When speaking about a curse or a magic formula I do not refer to the traditional outlook when a witch performs black magic using quicksilver and indeed, ordinary people do not understand what is happening, thus giving it a supernatural connotation. I have already mentioned the thought-forms as structured energy patterns that can include information and emotion. Therefore, any negative thought, powerful enough and accompanied by the proper emotion and intention can become attached to a person’s aura, if the latter is vulnerable to such aspects and also believes in the power of curses and black magic, thus, exposing oneself as target to the performers of such rituals. There are also different discarnate entities belonging to negative vibration levels, which have a rudimentary conscience and a limited free will. These entities can be conjured through some rituals, the same as the angels can be invoked by praying, and they can be mentally given the purpose to haunt a certain human being.
A common way of a lower intensity to transmit negative thoughts is when we speak ill of or gossip about a certain person, when we criticize him/her or vent our rage upon him/her in the presence of other persons or even when we are alone, but we have a negative inner mental speech.
In both cases mentioned before, first we harm ourselves through the emission of such a vibration and then, indirectly, the person to whom the negative energy is addressed.

I would like to make a distinction related to the word negative, because I do not use it in the sense of considering it as something wrong, or for the sake of hierarchy or making comparisons. The universe is diverse and I think that what helps us in our global evolution is to experience facts in duality at a certain level. Negativity is represented by any aspect that makes difficult or opposes the process of soul’s development and evolution towards the light. To name just a few examples: the limitative belief in separation, or any concept of the Ego implying lack and suffering; negative emotions and thoughts, unsettled karmic issues, entities or thought-forms which are feeding on our six levels of the soul and, in general, anything preventing us from our natural communication with the more elevated aspects of our Self.
A person who has healed the majority of his/her emotional traumas will be inaccessible to such vibrating patterns, simply by no longer having the necessary receivers which an entity of such type or a thought-form may become attached or attracted to.

A magic formula can take the form of a chastity, obedience or poverty vow made at a certain moment by a monk, after he had decided to devote his life to praying. This energetic imprint remains active in the future lives as well, when the adult might find it difficult to achieve financial security or a satisfying intimate relationship. Sometimes, these can be promises made at a given moment between very dear souls which, while experiencing a very profound earthly love, swear each other eternal love and to be together forever. Then, they meet again in another life, where they no longer need to learn the lesson of a couple living together and, in spite of this, they cannot cut each other loose, causing themselves a lot of suffering.
Such an energetic pattern can be released quite easily when it is brought into consciousness and we can see the context in which we made that pledge which is no longer helpful to us now. Only then will we have the opportunity to select a new type of approaching life which is in accordance with the actual plan of our soul.

An Obsessor is an aggressive Attachment, a soul fragment which comes and tries to take the place of the legal owner of the physical body, interfering with the latter’s free will and wishing to become the sole owner of its body. This can be the case of a soul who has suffered injustice and becomes revengeful, losing its clean conscience and deeply wishing to continue its life on earth in order to make justice.
In some cases, there could be a contract at soul level where a more evolved entity can partially take control over a very ill body to help it recover, whereas the initial soul leaves the material level and it might return or not after the regeneration process has taken place. However, such cases can be rarely found in regressions, because they do not leave any traces of a trauma; on the contrary, they heal them.
In spite of many cases when people believe they are partially possessed or haunted by a negative entity, such cases are quite rare. Almost 80% of the patients imagine or mentally produce these symptoms by externalizing them, because of the disorders they are suffering from, the subconscious being a very strong tool able to produce distortions. Also, about 10% of the cases when such symptoms are signaled are due to a medical condition or to the side effects of the various substances ingested. Only approximately 10% of the people claiming such issues are actually confronted with a partial possession. (Rachele, 2013)
Therefore, it is good to see several opinions before we can reach a certain conclusion, without avoiding the specialists in allopathic medicine, because many times, the respective conditions can be caused by viruses, bacteria or chemical imbalances in the brain.

A Pseudo-obsessor is the entire personality of a past life which was not totally integrated and disturbs the present personality. We often refer to it by the name of subpersonality and many times the soul even selects some aspects of the past lives as talents of the present one. We all have met people who seem to turn into somebody else when they are singing, painting or expressing a passion they are good at. Many times, that successful or brilliant aspect needed several past lives in order to reach perfection. However, in therapy the emerging aspects are those which have not yet healed their traumas and “are haunting” the current life, many times taking control over the primary personality and drawing attention upon imbalances.

If we limit our reference only to present life, then a subpersonality can be a soul fragment resulted from a traumatic event of the past (I mentioned before Inner Child Work). In case of those who witnessed countless atrocities in their childhood (for instance witnessing how another human being of a similar age is being beaten with brutality) consciousness fragmentation is likely to happen in order to protect the essence of the being. Later on, multiple personalities can be formed, which can be accessed in relation to certain stimuli (triggers). This method was used experimentally by Josef Mengele in Auschwitz concentration camps in order to study the way in which the mind can be compartmented, programmed and then controlled from the outside by the one who had previously implanted through hypnosis, the access keys to consciousness.


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Introduction to Past Life Therapy

The field of psychotherapy in Romania provides little information on regression therapy (Past Life Therapy), but we do not believe it is directly connected with the Christian Orthodox religious orientation which actually opposes the existence of past lives.
In most cases, be they specialists or not, people do not clearly distinguish between the experience of a past life regression which is more like a spiritual journey that can sometimes occur spontaneously, with or without the assistance of a facilitator more or less specialized and the regression therapy, a certified therapeutic method recognized and acknowledged at European and international level, in which the patient is guided, supported and accompanied in a process of emotional and spiritual healing, as in any other form of psychotherapy, by a therapist specialized in this method.

It is of high importance the distinction concerning the fact that classical psychology normally works with the patient’s physical, emotional and respectively mental Self, while the psychotherapy focused on regression methods (Past Life Therapy, Timeline Healing – Rachele, S., 2013) or on temporal connection with the future self that is full of resources (Future Timeline Linking) can access healing areas up to the level of the causal body.

Past Life Therapy is a holistic regression therapy helping us to access and heal the moments of the past when the traumas that led to our present problems took place. The traumatic event can be in the past of this life when we were children, at birth, during fetal development or at conception. But many times, the cause is deeper, in a past life or even during the life between lives (“Souls’ World”).
No matter what moment the patient is shown, the exploration will be strictly made for a therapeutic purpose and focused on a clear objective, in accordance with the working direction chosen in the interview and not out of curiosity. Another important element is that the patient himself/herself also has the solution to the problem; the therapist is just guiding him/her and is present near him/her the moment he/she is going to access the healing at soul level.

In PLT the symptoms are called “charges” and they represent the way in which an unhealed trauma from the past of current life or from a past life can be manifested in the three bodies of the Ego/Personality (for more details on the Self’s lower bodies please read Chirea, V., 2014, page 24 – 29). They make the bridge leading us to a past life (Bridge Technique) and here are some examples:
Physical charges: cold, cramps, discomfort, exhaustion, dirt, heat, hunger, pain, paralysis, bad smell, thirst.
Emotional charges: despair, disgust, dislike, envy, fear, grief, guilt, hatred, helplessness, jealousy, loneliness, anger, resentment, disgust, shame.
Mental charges: anesthesia, confusion, despair, dissociation, fascination, not feeling good about oneself, hallucinations, lack of understanding, obsessive love, loss of consciousness, confusion, trance.

During regression, the patient comes into contact with the past life which is brought into present by exploration: he/she can have bodily sensations, feel emotions, have inner visual perceptions (similar to oneiric images but experienced in a state of awareness) or have insights. PLT is a confrontational method which implies the patient’s reliving the respective trauma at a lower intensity, this time in the presence of a mature Self and of the therapist as well. The difference lies in the degree of awareness and although it is important that the reliving of the traumatic event should be made in an associative way (as if those things were really happening), when the patient’s emotions are too strong, dissociative working techniques can be used, so that the patient can see those very painful moments from a distance, like in a movie. If the processing has been made in a correct way, then the respective situation can be understood, accepted and then let go.
In this way, the process of catharsis which consists of three categories takes place:
– emotional release, which leads to peace, inner calm and self-confidence;
– mental catharsis, as a result of understanding the issue, by accessing mental peace, clarity and letting go of rigid beliefs;
– physical catharsis, which has as a consequence physical peace and the healing of psychosomatic issues.

Although, by each process of ‘letting go’, we invite a part of the blocked soul fragments to go into the light and become reintegrated with the parent Self, when making a regression in a past life, there is a very important step that is taken every time, namely the reliving the person’s death moment from that life. Most of the times, when a sudden death happened, a great part of the person’s soul is still attached to the body or it is unconsciously waiting in the astral levels. The first thing we need to do, as therapists, is to help that aspect become aware of the fact that only his/her physical body died and that he/she still lives because he/she is eternal; what needs to be accepted is the fact that for the time being he/she is no longer present on Earth, but in “Souls’ World”.
Then, the last part of the soul reintegration takes place, by gathering the parts which could still be captive in the body (especially where the physical or emotional wounds were) or in different traumatic moments of that life. It is also now that meeting the souls of the persons who played an important part in the respective context takes place again and it is checked if there are still energy parts that are captive in the other persons; then, the transfer is completed, so that everyone can recover its personal fragments and become complete. Then, the participating souls are sent towards the light or where ‘home’ is for them, and the present personality of the patient will preserve such a connection with the past subpersonality, so as to lead a balanced life, without more interferences than necessary or permitted by the divine Self.

To the end of the session, we can make connections with respect to the way in which the present life was influenced by the past one, which was the situation that caused the problem, what soul lessons took place and what is the patient’s responsibility related to everything that happened.

Of course, the process is more complex and therefore, several years are necessary for perfecting the method, but for the time being, without going into too many technical details, I will present a case that I have recently processed and which represents a good example for the reintegration of soul fragments. Another reason why I have chosen this case is the intensity of the patient’s emotional experience and physical sensations; the patient had not undergone a regression session before, thus not knowing what to expect, a case in which there is highly unlikely for the patient to make up something so as to be considered a good patient.

During the anamnesis, the patient tells me about her having lost the motivation and strength to go on and that she does not see any purpose to live for. Asking her whether she had experienced great suffering in life, she realizes she never had enough time to truly mourn her first miscarriage from her youth. While she is telling the story, she has a very strong feeling of inner emptiness and she feels her heart is hardened. At the same time, she feels physical and emotional pain and a very strong feeling of guilt.

The fall into regression happens in a natural way. Being attentive to her bodily sensations, she becomes aware that she feels something like a round stone in the right part of her pelvic zone. Further to my suggestion for her to go back in time where everything had started, the patient relives quite strongly those happened in her youth, namely the fear felt when she found out that she was pregnant, the despair that she could not continue her studies if she had decided to keep the baby, her parents’ pressure and, at the same time, her inner conflict, because her spiritual wish was to keep the baby. Moreover, at that time, abortions were forbidden by law, which increased her fear even more.

I led the patient further back on, where she relived the trauma of her loss, but this time at a bearable intensity and with a clearer conscience. At that time, the pain was very hard, especially because anesthesia had no effect on her, therefore there were also personal soul fragments that remained captive in that time and space. All her emotions from the past, such as guilt, pity, sadness, impossibility to change things, constraint, fury, frustration, etc. are brought into her conscience and expressed. All these emotions were constantly experienced by the patient in her everyday life, without being aware of their source.

Being asked what she wished to do now for her child, she says she wants to show it her love. That is also the healing moment of the session, when “an explosion of love for her child” takes place. She tells the child’s soul that she was sorry for what she did, that she had wished to keep it, but, at that time, she had no choice. She has the feeling that the child’s umbilical cord (that was energetically fixed on her liver) breaks away, at the same time releasing that part of hardened energy now transformed into something pink and more fluid. She comes back to the child’s soul that was now radiating a shining green color.
Then, she has the feeling that her previous hip gap is being filled with something belonging to her; she actually feels how her right hip is being woven back energetically and repaired. The physical catharsis having been completed and with her soul complete, she can now focus on understanding why that soul had chosen her as a mother and what was the contract between them.
When asking her what exactly she would like to do with the physical body of the aborted child, she said she wanted to incinerate it and then spread the ashes in a little lake.
At the end of the regression, the patient feels that she has been forgiven and unchained and physically she feels that her body has been restored. Then, she thanks the child’s soul and sends it towards the light, coming back here and now.

Most of the times, a problem like the loss of motivation for living requires more sessions, but in the present case, the first step has been made and the results have appeared quite quickly. After this regression, certain things she had long wished to do and which had been blocked for some time for certain reasons started to become “unhardened”. The first thing she did was to buy herself a car and then find some land for a house with a yard, which she had wanted to build for a long time.

Analyzing this case, we can see how a part of the soul that was preparing itself for incarnation, being taken by surprise by the abortion induced, did not realize what had actually happened and remained attached to its mother. The fragment remained without any conscience and hardened until the moment of the therapeutic intervention, when it is let go and it can return into the light, to its rightful owner. At the same time, the mother’s soul comes back into contact with her body and the catharsis takes place.


Chirea, V., (2014), Soul Fragmentation. Consequences and the Reintegration of Lost Parts, Gestalt Books Publishing, Bucharest.
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Book: Soul Fragmentation. Consequences and the Reintegration of Lost Parts

Price: 10 Euro
How to purchase: for the e-book (pdf) version please visit (click on) EARTh’s e-shop or you can directly contact me for more details.
(EARTh stands for The Earth Association for Regression Therapy)

I. Book Description

The book approaches the issue of trauma from an interdisciplinary perspective, interblending concepts related to clinical psychology with the spiritual vision that transpersonal psychology has on different psychological disorders. Based on the author’s private practice as a therapist specialized in Past Life Therapy and Gestalt Therapy, the theoretical background of this book sheds more light on what happens at a spiritual level when people undergo traumatic events. Faced with different types of traumas – the loss of a loved one, abandonment, accidents, sexual abuses and violence – people’s soul ‘splits’ into many parts that live under the illusion of being completely cut off from the primary soul. This process is called “soul fragmentation” and the therapeutic goal is to reverse it, be releasing the trauma and reconnecting with the lost soul parts. Healing is then the natural consequence of soul reintegration, which also facilitates spiritual growth. A detailed case study presented in the book will catch the reader’s attention and curiosity as to how the process of soul reintegration works.
The last part of the book includes the author’s spiritual journeys in places such as Nepal (a Tibetan monastery retreat), Brazil at Joao de Deus, Israel at the Holy Sepulcher or in India visiting master Sai Baba. Sharing all these spiritual experiences with the readers is a subtle invitation to reconnect with the Higher Self and become aware of the healing potential of reintegrating the lost soul parts.

II. Contents

1. Conceptual Delimitations
Soul Fragmentation
Soul Division
Self Aspects: the Soul, the Spirit and the Ego
The 6 ‘bodies’ of the Self: physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric, causal
On Karma

2. Types and Causes of Soul Fragmentation
Types of Soul Fragmentation
Causes of Soul Fragmentation
 •  Traumas
 •  Unexpected Deaths Occurring Instantaneously
 •  Emotional Denial
 •  Unbalanced Relationships with Strong Emotional Attachment

3. Soul Fragmentation – Related Psychopathology
Neurosis, Psychosis and Personality Disorders
 •  Multiple Personality Disorder
 •  Multiple Souls in One Body
Attachments, Obsessions and Pseudo-Obsessions
Bipolar Personality Disorder
An Integrative Example of Regression Therapy

4. Soul Reintegration
The Process of Forgiveness and Release
Past Life Therapy
Timeline Healing Technique
Special Places Contributing to Soul Reintegration


III. Book excerpt:

One of the most common ways in which soul fragmentation occurs is by denial. Faced with a very intense experience, which goes beyond the Self’s normal capacities of integration, most of the time the soul chooses to cope with this situation by splitting off the traumatized part and then avoiding it intentionally. As time goes by, this aspect of the Self is forgotten and repressed in the unconscious and, at the death moment, the soul will not be aware of its repressed parts whose manifestations have been denied. Thus, the healthy aspect of the soul will be heading towards the light straightaway, leaving behind, in lower astral realms, the suppressed soul parts which do not have enough energy to rise up to higher vibrational realms.

IV. About the Author

Victor Chirea is a psychotherapist, specialized in Gestalt Therapy and a Certified Regression Therapist in Past Life Therapy, member of Earth Association for Regression Therapy. He continued his studies with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counseling and he also graduated from the Department for the Preparation of the Didactic Personnel. He held personal development workshops with a focus on assertive communication, relaxation methods and techniques, the therapeutic effect of stories. In his pilgrimages, he reached different spiritual centers in India and Tibet, where he had the privilege to meet enlightened masters. He studied and practiced Buddhist meditation techniques guided by Master Tanpai Rinpoche Acharya. During his free time, he practices Ki-Aikido for physical health and peace of mind.

V. Additional Information

Author: Victor Chirea
Translated into English by: Ruxanda Georgescu
Proofreading: Adina Rădulescu
Cover Design: Andrei Chirea
Technical Editing: Cristian Fulaș

Publisher: Gestalt Books, Bucharest, 2014
ISBN 978-606-93668-5-1

Number of pages – 137

Price: 10 Euro
How to purchase: for the e-book (pdf) version please visit (click on) EARTh’s e-shop or you can directly contact me for more details.
(EARTh stands for The Earth Association for Regression Therapy)